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CIBU Promotions and Sales

new itemCIBU SMOOTH Liter Duo
Softens hair and eases frizz with Argan Oil
33.8 oz. each $42.00
CIBU Shower Cap
Limited Edition terry-line shower cap keeps hair dry in bath or shower
each $9.99
new itemCIBU Narrow Paddle Brush
CIBU Professional Paddle Brush
each $4.99
new itemCIBU Medium Boar Bristle Round Brush
Cibu Professional 2.38" Boar Bristle Round Brush
each $4.99
new itemCIBU Lotus Flower Touch of Tan Daily Moisturizer
(1 Review)
Cibu Lotus Flower Touch of Tan Moisturizer leaves body and face soft, hydrated and glowing with the power of Argan oil and Acai berry and a touch of sunless tanner

12 oz. $4.99
CIBU Big Kabuki Brush

Limited Edition Cibu Kabuki Makeup Brush

each $1.00