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Beauty experts are buzzing about Cibu International in the blogosphere.  Read what some of our favorite fashionistas have to say...


"… I discovered Sticky Rice Pomade from Cibu International, and I love it. It's creamy and matte, not greasy, and the tiniest smear of it keeps the wisps at bay all day long without turning my hair into a gross, dirty-looking mess.  -Beauty Addict


"Cibu Pho Finish Workable Finishing Hair Spray … Spray on before flat ironing and you get a great soft sheen without the crackle of hair spray left over. Also, spray on damp hair and air dry for great curls. I loved the scent (no coughing after required) with it's extracts of lotus flower, water lily and spice & vanilla tones. Great, soft touchable hair spray that works well with heat...."  - The Beauty Newsletter


"I you have any curl in your hair you owe it to yourself to try Cibu Wok This Way it is hands down the best gel I have ever used on my hair.  I have naturally curly hair but it tends to look more spiral perm than beautiful curls…"  - Makeupbuzz


"The Cibu Geishalicious Color Protecting Shampoo really enhanced my color … This shampoo has tamed down the thick and frizzy I have and made it naturally silky, smooth…"  - Cosmetic and Beauty Reviews


"Cibu Miso Knotty Leave-in Detangler … Infused with Silk and Soy proteins, this detangler is by far my favorite Cibu product! After getting out of the shower, I spritz this baby on my hair and let nature take its course.  It eliminates the frizz and defines your curls…what more can you ask for from a mid-tier priced and A-list product? "  - Beauty Chat Blog


"I look forward to the great scent of the Cibu Geishalicious Color Protecting Shampoo every morning. It’s like a little spa retreat from the craziness of my house in the morning. I am totally a scent person and the Cibu line smells amazing and leaves my hair soft and manageable without being greasy or weighed down…"  - Pink and Pistachio


"I'm pleased to say that a combination of Cibu Wok This Way Sculpting Sauce and Mousse Lee Foaming Volumizer achieved the scrunch-curled look that I wanted without falling flat, taking too long to create, or becoming overly-stiff…"  - EverydayHealth


" These two products - Shang High Root Booster and Volumizing Mousse - plus a great ionic hair dryer with a good diffuser, equals touchable, voluminous curls that are soft, glossy and manageable: zero poof, zero frizz." - Steph's Beauty Buzz Magazine