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CIBU Miso Knotty Styling Prep

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A gentle, moisturizing silk and soy infused leave-in detangler perfect for all hair types
8 oz. $18.00
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Cibu Miso Knotty Styling Prep has a new multi-functional formula - Infused with hydrolyzed silk and soy - spray into damp hair to detangle, moisturize, reduce frizz, add shine, condition, soothe the scalp AND improve the performance of any styling product used after application. Knotty by nature! BEST FOR
All hair types; fine hair easily weighed down by regular conditioners; thick hair in need of extra detangling after regular conditioning; curly hair to tame frizz; any one plagued by tangles. PAIRS WITH
Extracts of lotus flower and water lily to soothe and condition; Bamboo extract aids in strengthening hair and moisture retention. Hydrolyzed silk and soy proteins retain moisture, add shine and provide ease of combing. Vitamin B5 and glycerin moisturize, soften and add body and shine. Rhatany root extract preserves hair color.
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