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CIBU Dry Kwon Do Dry Shampoo

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Dry shampoo formulated to absorb oil, extend the life of a blowout, add volume and create texture
6 oz. $18.00
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Shake well before each use. If nozzle clogs, rinse with warm water. Hold can 10 - 12 inches from head and spray product onto hair, concentrating on roots. Allow to dry before shaking out excess with fingers. Brush through to distribute. Flip head over and spray on roots for added volume and oil absorption. For a shiner finish, spritz dry hair lightly with Cibu Sashini Thermal Shine Solution or smooth 2 drops of Cibu Ancient Serum over dry hair. BEST FOR
Fine hair, oily hair, color treated hair, curly hair, anyone who has limited access to shampoo
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