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Extracts of Rhatany Root, White and Green tea, Ginseng and Sesame Seed Oil help Cibu shampoos protect color and moisturize, gently cleanse, clarify, or volumize.

new itemCIBU Ancient Smoothing Argan Oil Shampoo
A sulfate-free, argan oil infused shampoo smoothes hair for increased manageability and frizz control
16.9 oz $18.00
CIBU Geishalicious Color Protecting Shampoo
A sulfate-free shampoo formulated to keep color treated hair vibrant and hydrated
16.9 Oz $18.00
CIBU Hi-Ya! Keratin Reconstructive Shampoo
A sulfate-free shampoo formulated with hydrolyzed keratin to smooth frizz and strengthen hair
16.9 oz $18.00
CIBU Washabi 3 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo + Body Wash
Cleanse, condition and refresh with wild mint, eucalyptus and menthol
16.9 oz $18.00
new itemCIBU Spring Roll Hydrating Shampoo
NEW & IMPROVED! Spring Roll Hydrating Cleanser is back with more moisture, more lather and a 16.9 oz bottle - 100%more product!
16.9 oz. $18.00
CIBU Shang High Volumizing Shampoo
NEW & IMPROVED! Shang High Shampoo is now sulfate-free, reformulated with red seaweed and algae and more than double the original size
16.9 oz. $18.00